Exclusive Wine & Champagne from Italy - Mussolin Vinum LLC, California USA

We are Italians. We are passionate about our life style, our culture. A culture of food and wine, art and design. Mussolin Vinum brings to USA a piece of art from Italy, A fusion between wine and design, the Torai vision, handcrafted close to Venice, Italy. After enjoying our superb sparkling wine, you can display a piece of art from Italy. Lift up your glasses and “Salute” to the beautiful life!

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The Project

The Torai project comes from the concept of melding two important sectors of the Italian industry for which we are known worldwide: Food products and design. In our specific case, wine and bottles embellished with 683 crystals.


Torai would like to offer a product that is not only nice on your palate, but also nice to look at. That can remain in your home as an object of décor and also as a memory of a pleasant evening.

Poison Collection

All of these products are “Made in Italy” and have been made even more luxurious by the addition of crystals applied directly onto the wine bottles. The result is a magnificent wine paired with a unique bottle, which will remain as a focal point in your home.

Made in Italy

At the moment, Torai is producing the “Collezione Veleno” (Poison Collection) which is out on the market offering two types of sparkling wine: Millesimato Extra Dry & Rose’ Extra Dry.