The Torai History

In the beginning, Torai produced custom wine labels for wineries before having the idea to start their own brand of sparkling wine, or champagne, as it is commonly referred to in the USA.

They first decided to name their brand of wine as “Veleno” (poison). Then they turned their energy towards developing the logo/label for the wine which would best express “Veleno.” They decided a skull normally represents poison, so they experimented with different shaped skull bottles, sizes of skulls and a variety of colored crystals and Swarovski to evolve into the bottle that we see today.

Torai wine peopleOne day, the owners of Torai were socializing with some family friends who happened to be Korean. They were joking that the bottles were the poison collection, when one of the Korean ladies exclaimed, “You guys are so Torai!” When asked what “Torai” meant, she replied, “That’s what we call someone who is crazy or wild!”

So the name stuck and the Torai brand was born in Veneto, Italy in 2012

Torai has developed a special technique for applying the Swarovski crystals straight onto the glass. When considering that bottles usually are thrown out after they are empty, we thought to create something cozy, and with class, that would inspire people to keep it.

So, this is a unique product, ideal as a gift, which melds two important sectors of the Italian industry for which we are known worldwide: food/wine products and design. In our specific case, sparkling wine prosecco and bottles embellished with 683 Swarovski crystals.

Torai is now imported and distributed throughout the United States and other parts of the world, by MUSSOLIN VINUM LLC.

Written by Orlando Mussolin
Owner Mussolin Vinum LLC

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